Friday, October 2, 2009

unravelling the myth of "being psychic"

Both those, who love and hate it, can generously charge this topic with their preconceived notions.
but what is this crazy thing about? 

The word psychic or clairvoyant evokes so much imagery that people sometimes never quite get to the actual picture of what a psychic is.
The real picture is simpler.

So what IS the real picture?
There is no ‘real’ picture.
It's personal.

Let me explain.

Your ability to be psychic, clairvoyant or intuitive is........your sensitivity or your ability to "get a hunch".

"Don’t we all have that ability?" you say.
Thank you, for making my point. Yes we ALL do.

The ability to be Intuitive, Psychic or Clairvoyant is our birth right.
Some leave it open.
Others shut it down (especially if you were repeatedly told 'don't be so sensitive' ).

Being “Intuitive”, Intuitive, Psychic or Clairvoyant, simplified, is a product of two functions:
>> Sensing
>> Interpretation (of what you sensed)


Even those of us who don’t think we are Psychic have ‘sensed’ something at some point in our lives.
Often what we sense is abstract or intangible (at first) that we reject any usefulness.

Or may I boldly suggest, maybe our strong belief that we are not psychic or its not “logical” rejected the sensation without it’s day in court.
But there are also times we clearly interpreted it as useful information and maybe didn’t even realize we did.

How about times you just didn’t ‘feel right’ about a situation or person?
Another time you had this “urge” to visit a Bookstore and you ‘coincidentally’ ran into the exact card you wanted for your partner’s birthday.
Or this flash you had of your friend’s face at the stop light only to run into her at a gas station.

How many times have these kind of things happened to you?
We are constantly bombarded by “energy”.

We sense via different modalities.
Feelings .
Knowingness (You just know).

You may find you favor one over other.


The energy we sense is raw data. It requires you to interpret it into usable information.
But it’s often rejected because the raw data doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes sensing and interpretation can happen as a single act without obvious division. But there is an interpretation going on.
How objective one stays while interpreting, differentiates a good psychic from not so good ones (NOT the sensing part). This gets good psychics all the time.

People make erroneous read of the sensations because they project their beliefs and preconceived notions into the interpretation process.
Muddling the raw data. Making it, what its not.

So you can imagine this can be disheartening for someone who is just start to flex their Psychic muscle. They then tend not to trust what they are sensing. But the problem really is the “interpreting” part.

What is the way out of it?

Adopt the innocence of a child. Ask a lot of questions.

I’m I settling into presumptions?

What is this I’m sensing? I’m I making it up? (you may or may not)

what I’m I feeling? I’m I picking up on someone else?

People, often women, are so good feelers that cannot tell apart from what they are feeling from what they have taken on from someone else.

When you start asking questions instead of presuming or shutting the sensation down, you’ll be surprised where you get with it.
It’s like peeling the layers of an onion, until you get to the core.

(c), mikki mann feb 09

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