Friday, October 2, 2009

Create what You want (or why you created what you didn't want)

"Can I create?" was never the question.
You created everything in your life. Including the things you did not want.
But why? How can you create what YOU want?

As I was re-writing "curriculum" for a manifestation class I started looking at what is traditionally taught in such Manifestation classes.
Ok, there is The Secret, Moses code, Abraham Hicks etc out there for a while...... but why is manifesting still hit or miss for us?
Consider these notions.....capacity, motivation and your ability to destroy.

"Can I create?" was never the question.
We are creative beings. We created everything in our life. Everything.
We co-created everything with "god" (replace with X40.2 if you don’t like the word god).
But we did design our Life Blueprint.

That’s when part of us protests…...."whoa, wait!"
"Then why did we create loneliness? Powerlessness? Pain? Scarcity?
Why not abundance? How about ease, instead of effort?
How about instant manifestation, for crying out loud?"

We said affirmations until our face turned blue but nothing changed. Why?
Consider .....capacitymotivation and your ability to destroy.

We only manifest, what we really, really, really believe we can have.
There are countless stories of people winning lotteries and spending it all in ridiculous span of time, then back to poverty again.
The Universe is reflecting back to you what you believe you can have. Not what you give lip service to. What we believe we can have is our havingness …....our perceived capacity.

You wouldn’t go buy exquisite furniture to fill a mansion if you have a one room run down shack. Would you?
You also find you only have money to live a run down shack lifestyle. Why?

The universe is giving you what you believe you can receive.

In theory, in principle and reality we CAN have ANYTHING we want and we DO have capacity for unlimited abundance. So what controls our Capacity?

The lies crammed into the space limits our Capacity.

Let me say that again…. all the lies cramped into our Capacity space limits the space.
Lies that make our capacity look like an 8 ounce bubble when your capacity really is this endless field with no horizon.
For every single one of us.
These are Lies we have hard time….Destroying.

We don’t see the lies. Sometimes what we see as our truth, is really someone else’s.

"im not good enough for it"
(the #1 killer for most of us)

"i really don’t want that"
(maybe it'll make your family or friends look bad because you are getting what they couldn’t. Then to make them feel good you make a misguided sacrifice)

"it'll make me look materialistic"
(jesus! you live in a material world, its ok to be a material girl. Identification with material is the only problem)

All self limiting. All Lies.
We will explore more these in a bit, something else first.

Destruction, is the mother of creation

Your ability to Destroy is your ability to Create - Your ability to destroy what is not true for you or doesn’t work for you anymore.
Destruction, also the new.
I don’t mean "destroy" in an Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator “Ill be baaaack” sort of way.
I mean that you are done with it, in all its traces and forms. Not attached to it anymore.
But how do you destroy the lies?
First you have to come to a point to….SEE it.
See…a lie for what it is.
That is becoming aware of it. Your Awareness destroys the lie.

Awareness is a simple but very power device which has built-in arsenal to destroy lies and deprogram the programming.

Awareness is simple…just notice. Simple. No complication.
NOT judging yourself or others for what you notice – judgment or any sort of charge will perpetuate that lie. Just notice.
Then, take a deep breath……breathe out…letting it go. Seriously, that’s it.

For those of you who are cerebral like me and need a ritual, there is a tool we use at the Psychic school. A Rose.
Sit some where comfortable (please don’t be driving). Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
See a rose with your mind’s eye…throw the lies (the energy or feeling of it) you noticed into the rose.
Explode the rose. Poof, that’s it you are done.

If you couldn’t explode the rose or had a hard time doing it, usually it means you are having a hard time letting ‘it’ go.
Try one more time. If not, that’s ok.
Really it is. It’s just not time, yet.
Ok so what kind of lies are these anyway?

Who’s behind the wheel ? (Motivation) 

The one who drives is the one who controls where the vehicle goes.
Who is controlling your capacity to have?
We presume we are.
It's a lie. Not always.

So the question is...who are you creating for? Where are you creating from?

Often we live our lives to make someone else happy. To live someone else's dream.
Maybe for a mother, father, spouse or doing something society will consider being a "nice guy" or a "good girl".
The stance “Oh well, if it makes them happy I’m happy” is not only disservice to your Spirit but also a big bullshit.
We self sacrifice to make someone else in our life happy.
They maybe dead and gone but we are holding on to their limiting beliefs for them. It’s theirs, not ours.

How you can tell you are living someone else's dream?
This is the complicated part and where having tools and some sort of practice helps.

But sometime you can tell right off the bat.....when it takes a lot of effort to accomplish your dream or your plans seem to keep falling apart.
When you are in touch with flows.
You are also happy (what a concept!).

It took me over 10yrs and half finished business degree to realize, wanting to go to business school was to live my mother’s dream. Not mine.
Not going to business school was not a failure in my manifestation process, it was …feedback.
Feedback, that it was not mine. Now I could find where my heart was really at.

Find YOUR passion and you will find your purpose.

Self Image 
Your self image is another factor that controls your capacity.
How you see yourself controls what you believe you deserve and don’t.
It’s about your relationship with you.

Let me put it another way, what you see yourself through, controls your capacity.
What is the difference?

You see yourself ***through*** the lies which say who you are.
You don’t truly see yourself.

If you could, you see that you are spark of divinity.
In divinity there is no scarcity. Only abundance.

Your self image also controls the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel.
(yes, that’s why those affirmations you did last time didn’t permanently curb your negative thoughts)

Using your Awareness against yourself 

One of my teachers used to say, you can’t use your awareness against yourself.

The trap that comes with delving deeper into spirituality is this mass consensus on pulverizing Ego.
The result is more you want to put yourself last. Then follows resentment of short changing ourselves.

Sorry my brothers and sisters, we do it to ourselves. We engage in a win-lose relationship.
Others win, we lose.
How about win-win?

What you hold on to, holds you down

We seem to hold on to Pain, resentment, regrets and other forms of handicapping energies.
We are adept at holding on to pain and painful incidents. Why???


There is this misguided notion if you hold pain as a 'post it' note you will never repeat it.

Clever. But a slight problem here. The universal law says, like attracts like.

So we ending up attracting MORE OF THE SAME.
You attract more of what you hold on to.
If it’s pain, you get more of that. If it’s peace, you get more of that.

Where do we go from here? 

If you look at people around you, some have no problem creating wealth but have problem with relationships.
There are ‘unlucky’ with it or feel lonely in relationships they find themselves in.
Some are ‘lucky’ in relationships but struggle with money. Then some who struggle with creativity and passion.

The blocks are not same for everyone.

That’s why you find getting what you want is easier in some areas and struggle in others.
Those challenging area is where you might want to ask the questions…..

Who I’m I creating this for? Do I really believe I can HAVE this?
Also, consider this notion - see manifestation as a tool to get know... YOU.

Not, a prove-it test.
Not the notions that getting something outside of you, will somehow define who you are in the inside.
Reverse that thinking.

When I was trying to get into Business School I thought that would be my dreams come true. I had my identity built around that.
When it completely crashed was when I finally realized. It was not mine in the first place.
With that crashed my self identity i built around that. That brought me closer
Like the great master J (not Jay-Z, Jesus. a different brother) said "Know thyself".

These days, the Planet herself is goes through Destroying – letting go of what is not working particularly what is Toxic.

We are called up to do the same…detox…our body, thoughts, feelings and relationships that limit us of our true brilliance. Our inner divinity.

The question which begs fixating may not be "What I'm I leaving behind?" but "what do want to create?"

(c), Mikki Man, oct 08

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