Friday, October 2, 2009

those spiritually 'uncool' emotions are fuel for our ascension

We ushered in the year wearing this global "dark night of the soul". Lot of us wonder what is it going to be like. Especially in the years leading up to 2012.
Some are in fear. Some in euphoria.
I don't know what's going to happen but my personal considerations are......opportunity and choice .
Rumor has it, we are journeying our Ascension into 4th, 5th or 9th dimension. The promises of higher dimensions full of love and happiness.
Then there is it's ugly cousin (not Betty).
The looming possibility of complete control by those wanting to consolidate power into few hands.

What are we going to pick?
What we pick depends on how much we are controlled by Fear .
Dark and fear-based systems on 3D (Third dimension) are the dark inside of us, externalized
But how many of us dare look at our dark side?
Those lovely emotions we rather never own up to....shame, guilt, pain, repressed anger and so on.
What is the inner technology we already have available to combat this?
There is the notion "lf I look at my dark side, I'll give it more power".
Yes and No.

Isn't it also true "what we resist, persists" ?
The knee jerk mainstream New Age reaction to dark is burying dark with a synthetic benevolent smile and staccato barrage of "love and light" vernacular.....while continuing to repress those spiritually unpopular emotions.
But will that release the dark within us?
Doesnt the underlying emotion remain unresolved?
Is it going to hurt in the long run?
A sophisticated few embark on fixing other people or 'save the world' or "be there for others" BEFORE they can heal themselves.
Noble, but is it Honest?
Then my favorite people.....Spiritual teachers.
Notorious for sweeping their not-so-spiritual endeavors under the rug to put up a show of "having it together" for students (Supposedly).
Or is it inability to meet their human condition?
I don't what they were thinking but I know what I'm thinking........bullshit.
Teacher or Healer, how about working on ourselves FIRST?

What we don't let go, holds us down
Especially lower vibrational energy like suppressed anger, shame, guilt, fear and.... well you know the deal.
Like a heavy rock holding down a helium balloon. Like a dead weight.
One of the teachers in put it aptly "how low you can go, is how high you can go".
Reframed, how aware are you of energies in your lower 3 chakras?
As above, so below.
Ok, how do we release this dark parts of us we rather deny?
The hormone of Compassion. Our inner technology.
No, not the veiled "i pity you" self righteous version ( who are we to say any of the souls are not where they need to be?)
When we truly see, the dark has Value, these energies are transmuted to the energy Compassion
This transmutation takes place in the Thymus gland / High Heart Chakra (between Heart and Throat chakras).
These dark energies are now transmuted into "light" or higher frequencies (yes helping your ascension process).
Dark acts like as a firewood that burns to create fire, or "light". The vibrance of our inner flame.

How do we get there?
- First acknowledging our darker side exists, without any Self- judgement, whatsoever.
(The hardest part)
- Then start to ask "what is the Value I derive from this experience I attracted?"
(Remember, you as a Soul called in every experience to propel your evolution)
> Clear it - willingness, writing an angry letter you may never send, baseball bat with pillows to thrash ons, is a start.
(What you dont let go, holds you down in the spiral of spiritual evolution)
Dark has Value. Dark is our teacher.
There is nothing to learn from "light" really.
Light is accomplishment, of having transcended the Dark.
So really n the end, Dark serves the Light.
Consider this.
As a Soul, If you are interested in evolution, what do you think you are going to script in your life ?
everybody loves me, I love everybody, no issues kind of life
'Challenging' people and situations?

Yes, bingo! You got it, you sexy thang.
You need firewood for the fire. Your dark in you and in others you attract, are just that.
Finding a way to release clear those 'undesirable' emotions .......unprocessed anger, shame, guilt, fear transmutes to your "light".
Every layer of "negative" energy you release takes you a rung higher on the staircase to Ascension.
This is also the first step to recoding your DNA to 12 strands.
Clearing (not denying) negative emotions releases the Implants in your Astral body.
This "dark night of the Soul" is then.... availability....of opportunity.
Fuel for our Soul evolution.'s not always easy. It can be painful. To paraphrase a Leonard Cohen song "looks like freedom but it hurts like death....."

Ultimately, whatever choice we make is the right choice.
Every Soul is making choice based on what it needs to experience. For it's next step in evolution.
It's all in divine order.

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